OCS Inventory

Hi there,

today I tried to install OCS Inventory - an Open-Source tool for inventoring your PCs with mostly all data they provide. It took some time to figure out how to install the server in Scientific Linux 5, but after all - I got it ;-)

For the clients I found a nice source-rpm which I can easily deploy via my rpm-repo and pdsh (parallel distributed shell). The client itself reports once a day to the server about its collected data.

To get an idea of how it will look, here are some screenshots. This tool is able to do a lot more - but I haven’t figured out yet :-)

OCS Inventory - Image 1Image 1: Overview over all computers.

OCS Inventory - Image 2Image 2: Overview of selected computer.

OCS Inventory - Image 3Image 3: List of installed packages.

Bye Sven