git: Clean .gitignore(d) files from Repository

Sven Bachmann
To keep a repository clean from temporary files, git users can create a file named .gitignore and define wildcards or absolute paths to let git ignore these files. This works for the most users as expected but it does not remove already checked in files. If you also want to clean up your existing repository from these ignored files, there is an easy way to get a list of ignored files.

git: Only commit parts of a patched file (hunk-checkin)

Sven Bachmann
Hi, today I read Og Maciels blog entry on Planet GNOME about how he find out to not checkin a whole changed file with git but include/exclude special parts. This is something I needed in the last time much often, but never thought it exists - so with git its very easy.Now lets have an example, we call it story.txt. It contains the following: The New Kitten After their holidays, Ann and Joe decided to get an malani which should be their everyday joy.