Using a 56k modem with an Asus wl-500g premium router and OpenWrt Kamikaze 7.09

Hi there,

this (easter) weekend, I had to fiddle around with an Asus WLAN router, a 56k modem (yes, in Germany we have places without DSL or similar things) and OpenWrt. And what should I say? It works! Thanks to OpenWrt.

First of all, you need some packages which you can install with ipkg on the router: chat, ppp, various usb modules (see openwrt wiki for details) and the usb-serial module.

To enable wifi, please also see the openwrt documentation - I had to use WAP, because WAP2 was not supported by a windows client - and downloading some 10MB big files just to make it work would not be funny over 56k modem ;-)

First step: Set the WAN device from the routers WAN port to the modem device, ppp0


config interface wan
option ifname 'ppp0'
option proto dhcp

Second step: Configure the ppp utils - this will show a config for the provider 1&1

Download: /etc/ppp/chat.1und1

Download: /etc/ppp/opts.1und1

Anlegen der /etc/ppp/pap-secrets.

"1und1/1234-567"    *    "PASSWORD"

Download: /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/firewall

Third step: Add some webscripts, to manage the connect and disconnect via browser

Download: /www/cgi-bin/status

Download: /www/cgi-bin/connect

Download: /www/cgi-bin/disconnect

If you have questions… feel free to ask ;-)

Bye Sven