Printing: Linux Brother Printer and the DIN A4 Problem

Most of you know it already… if you set your (Brother) printer under CUPS to DIN A4 it will only print with the Letter-margins. But now there is a solution available. Thanks to the German Ubuntu-Wiki.


Update: The DCP-135c doesn’t do borderless very well, so just use “DIN A4”.

Update 2: Fixed typo in sed-command: PaperType was replaced with PageType.

Besides to change the page format in the printer settings to “DIN A4”, you’ll also have to edit your printers description file.

As an example, I’ll show it for the DCP-135c printer.

sudo sed -i 's/PaperType=.*/PaperType=A4/i' /usr/Brother/Printer/dcp135c/inf/brdcp135crc

If you have an other Brother printer, look with the file browser where your inf-File in /usr/Brother/Printer is located and change the line above.

After this all, you’ll have to restart cups to accept the changes:

sudo /etc/init.d/cups restart

Good luck :-)