Edit Windows Registry from Linux

Its a pity when Windows just does one thing: reboot. You have the chance to see the bluescreen for just some milliseconds but not more - but how disabling the autoreboot when Windows doesn’t let you edit the settings? There is help with Linux and the tool chntpw

Mount the Windows device in Linux and do the following commands (this is for disabling auto-reboot, you can also edit all other registry values!):

cd Windows/System32/Config
chntpw -u Administrator system
> cd ControlSet001\Control\CrashControl
> ed AutoReboot
-> 0
> q
Write hive files? (y/n) [n] : y

Hint: Instead of typing cd ControlSet001 you can also type ls to find out which other control sets exists and you may need to change.

Links I used: